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INR20700 3100mah

by VapCell



VapCell 20700 battery Recommended high amp 20700 battery 


• Model: INR20700

• Size: 20.5*70.2mm

• Style: Flat Top

• Chemistry: INR

• Nominal Capacity: 3100mAh

• Continuous Discharge Rating: 30A

• Nominal Voltage: 3.6v

• End of charge voltage: 4.2v

• End of discharge voltage: 2.5v

• Protected: No

• Rechargeable: Yes


Please note


It is advised that you charge high drain batteries such as this in a good quality external charger and not in the device. This way is safer and will greatly improve the batteries performance. 

Keep in perfect condition if your batteries have tears in the wraps please do not use them. Buy a new set or rewrap them. It is not worth the risk 

Do not carry batteries lose in your pocket. Especially if you have metal objects ie keys or loose change in them 




Link to Dedicated External Battery Chargers

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