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Mango Whip

by Gator Vapes



A sweet but tangy tropical mango eliquid in a 25ml short fill 


25ml short fill are a convienient size to carry around and at a great price 


PG/VG Ratio


30PG/70VG High VG

Manufactured in UK


Strength & Size


30ml bottle shortfilled to allow room for nicotine shots

Zero Nicotine

Zero Nicotine + 1/2 Nicotine Shot (3mg)

Zero Nicotine + 1 Nicotine Shot (6mg) 


Link to shots


Link to nic shots



Shake bottle vigourously for a minute and when you think you are done, shake it a bit more. The more you shake it the better it mixes.

If not mixed correctly you can experience a harsh vape


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