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Dot Pods

The pods contain nicotine salt, which is a different way of extracting nicotine than traditionally found in e-liquids. The result is a smoother vape for the strength of e-liquid. DOT Pods come in 20mg/ml strength but will feel more like a 6mg in strength on your throat You will however feel the nicotine hit in your head. The extra strength means you do not need to use it as much making the liquid and battery in your device last longer


As the pods are not refillable, they should be replaced when e-liquid is no longer visible. All pods are marked with the flavour, strength, batch number and expiry date.

Available Flavours



Berry Nice 


More Flavours 1st Quarter 2019


PG VG Ratio & Quantity 

50Pg 50Vg 

2 x 2ml Pods at 20mg nic salt strength


Prices & Deals


£6.49 for a Pack of 2 pods

£30 for 6 x Pack of 2 




Pod Size: 45mm x 20mm

Coil:  1-1.3ohms

Magnetic connection

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