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Dot Vape Kit

by Dot





The DOT Vape Kit is a very small device that provides a smooth and satisfying vape. The liquid in the Pods uses Salt Nicotine which is a different way of extracting the nicotine. The end result is the user can get a stronger liquid but without the really intense throat hit of traditional nicotine.  If you have tried vaping before and it was too harsh or it just didnt quite do the job then this is definately the device for you.


Easy to use

The Dot is activated by drawing on the mouth piece. To fill is even easier as there is no filling and no changing coils. This makes this kit perfect for those that have trouble with their hands either gripping and handling small things. The pods easily slide into the top of the battery and are held in place by magnets, so no need to worry about threading issues. This also makes the DOT an ideal starter kit for new customers trying to switch from smoking who want a simple to use device.

The Dot features the new FEELM technology. FEELM is unlike a traditional coil, instead featuring a special ceramic cube with an integrated flat metal film. When heated, the increased surface area of the film delivers an accurate and consistent vape, giving you a satisfying experience.

The pods contain nicotine salt, which is a different way of extracting nicotine than traditionally found in e-liquids. The result is a smoother vape for the strength of e-liquid in DOT. DOT Pods come in 20mg/ml strength but will feel more like a 6mg in strength on your throat You will however feel the nicotine hit in your head. The extra strength means you do not need to use it as much making the liquid and battery in your device last longer

This being the case the respectable inbuilt 350mAh battery lasts a long time compared to other vapes and has a superfast charge time It will take roughly 30 minutes to fully recharge. Charging is done via a micro USB cable, which is supplied in the kit.


The DOT vape kit is perfect for those wanting to start vaping or for experienced vapers.



Leak Proof Design

Feelm Technology

Inhale Activation

2ml Dot Pod (Pre-filled with 20mg/ml Nicotine salt e-liquid)

Easy to use pod system -no filling or refilling

Battery Size: 88mm x 20mm

Pod Size: 45mm x 20mm

350 mAh battery with 30 Minute Fast Charge

3.7V (6.5W)


Magnetic connection


1 x DOT Device

2 x 2ml Nic-Salt E-liquid Pods

1 x USB Charger

1 x Instruction Manual



Kits are available in 3 types which determine what flavours come with the kit

Tobacco Kit with 2 x Tobacco or Menthol Kit with 2 x Menthol or a Fruit Kit containing 1 x Strawberry and 1 x Berry Nice 

Extra Pods are available HERE



When inhaling the battery light will illuminate to show its working and charged.

Charge the DOT when you get the low power warning ie the LED Flashes when trying to vape. Connect the USB cable to the micro USB port on the bottom of the device. Now plug the USB into a USB socket such as a laptop (not exceeding 5V), or into a specified wall plug  (sold separately). The battery takes approximately 30 minutes to charge. The light will go off when fully charged.



As the pods are not refillable, they should be replaced when e-liquid is no longer visible. All pods are marked with the flavour, strength, batch number and expiry date.

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