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N80 Wotofo Claptons

by Wotofo





Ready built Coils for on the go or at home for use in your RTA, RBA & RDA etc 


Pre-built Wotofo Clapton coils available in:


Dual Core Fused Clapton N80 0.62ohm 3mm 

contains 2 x 28g inner with 38g outer 


Dual Core Fused Clapton N80 0.28ohm 3mm 

contains 2 x 26g inner with a 36g outer 


Framed Staple Clapton N80 0.33ohm 3mm

contains 28g+38gx9+28g inner with a 36g outer


Tri Core Fused Clapton N80 0.17ohm 3mm

contains 26g x 3 inner with a 38g outer 


Each pack contains 10 x pre-buit coils in protected tube 

Just add cotton 

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