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by The Kings Creams



A delicious Lemon cream eliquid. Its dreamy its creamy its the Kings cream Lemon 


Bottle size


60ml bottle short filled with 50ml of liquid 


Nicotine strength & Ratio


25Pg/75Vg High VG 





The liquid is made with enough flavour so that if you wished to add nicotine to it the flavour will still be strong 

Link to Nicotine Shot



If you wish to have 3mg of nicotine in your eliquid. Add a shot of nicotine from the link above to the bottle and shake vigourously for a minute or so 

If you would like 6mg of nicotine. Add two shots to the bottle and shake vigourously 



Shake bottle vigourously for a minute and when you think you are done, shake it a bit more. The more you shake it the better it mixes.

If not mixed correctly you can experience a harsh vape

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