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Cotton Bacon Prime

by Wick 'N' Vape




Clean crisp flavour and easy to use cotton wick for rebuildable atomizers. Cotton Bacon Prime is the latest creation from Wick n Vape

Features thicker and fluffier fibres for quicker wicking, and boasting 33% faster absorption than its predecessor, this cotton is great for Rebuildable tanks, RDAs and squonking.

Cotton Bacon Prime has been redesigned to make it even easier to divide and portion. 

Ten strips are included in each resealable pack and measure approximately 4". 



Packaged in a resealable travel sized bag for on the go.

Clean tasting cotton for enhanced flavor.

100% US Organic Cotton

Organic Cotton conforms to USP standards of Pharmaceutical cotton as well as FDA's CFR's for Food Contact Substance

Each bulk bag comes with 10 large strips of cotton.

Made in USA


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